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With over 4 years of experience in the creative world, I specializes in digital illustration, logo and brand developement, and sign design. With a background in the signage industry I bring a wealth of knowledge for design of vehicle graphics, window graphics, exterior signage, and much more. Graduating with a degree in Web & Multimedia Design, as a graphic designer I understand the fundamentals of web design and creating for all platforms. Supporting multiple design projects, I work with many in-house and outsourced companies, ensuring files are print-ready and jobs are completed correctly. When I'm not designing on the computer, I'm designing with my hands as florist and wedding/event designer. In my spare time I enjoy interior and architecture design, working on my 160 year old home, spending time with family, and all-things Colorado.


Able to adapt from modern to ornate, feminine to masculine, corporate to personal, and everything in-between.

Experienced in bringing a clients ideas to life.

Knowledge of both graphic and web design.

Have an understanding on how to correctly create a versatile logo package.

Thorough, responsive, and organized with great time management skills.

Over 5 years in the wedding world, so have a wealth of knowledge from invitations, programs, and menus to personalization signage.

Over 3 years of small-format design.

  • prepress: correctly preparing files
  • digital and press plate knowledge
  • digital illustration
  • logo design
  • brand development
  • corporate stationary packages
  • stationary and invitation design
  • paper knowledge
  • web design and hosting

Over 4 years of large-format design.

  • prepress: correctly preparing files
  • print and summa/contour cutter knowledge
  • vehicle graphics
  • wall graphics and wraps
  • window graphics
  • monument signage
  • channel lettering signage
  • wayfinding signage
  • vinyl and substrate knowledge



I 'll take the time to fully understand your company's wants and needs by looking into local competition and your specified market. Together let's define your brand and find out who you are and your goals.


With a thorough understanding of the market space, I'll create a unique identity that will bring your company to the forefront and allow you to really stand out to your target audience.


I’ll create several different concepts to nail down style, image, color palette, etc. that you connect with. We will go through a series of revisions before we expand it across all formats.


Elements of a brand include: name, logo, tagline, tone of voice, fonts, colors, and layout. These combine to form the core of your "image" and helps drive your company forward through consistent marketing/advertising.


Once the designs have been finalised, when needed, we will create production proofs; everything always looks (and feels) different when apply to various substrates/paper.


A brand is effectively the heart and soul of your business. The brand helps form a business’s personality by shaping and setting the tone of people’s first impressions. The brand is key to delivering your companies message. A strong and memorable brand helps you sell your business’s consistent and clear message. Strong branding assists in attracting new customers and helps reassures existing ones. Your brand is your ambassador and sets a standard that your customers come to expect.